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Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

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Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City

Nonfiction / History

Paperback: $20.45

eBook: Download a copy onto your device today! Only $5.




The real life story of how 159 people including senators, a superior court justice, secretaries of state, the countries first millionaires, a secretary of the Navy, directors in our national banks, the first National Guard Unit, and the real life murderer from the game Clue dug three miles of tunnels to defraud Thomas Jefferson's administration by avoiding paying his custom duties.

Filled with pictures of the tunnels and the homes they are connected to. A living book which is updated frequently as new finds come to light. This is the second edition of hit book that everyone digs!

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DErby Mansion on Derby Square in Salem.
Part 1

Tunnel under Downing Building Salem MA
Part 2

Thomas Perkins drug lord and founder of Forbes fortune
Part 3


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