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Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

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Tales from Mr. Pelinger's House

Mr. Pelinger's House Series

Fiction/ Children's Lit/ YA

Paperback: $17.99


eBook: Only $5.



Three great illustrated stories for the price of one. In the first tale we follow the Foster siblings as they enter an abandoned house to meet Mr. Pelinger, a ship captain who disappeared in the tunnels of Salem over a hundred years ago. Once inside this house which is larger inside than out they enter the Intergalactic Roadshow with two circus rings. One headed by General Custer and the other by Sitting Bull and the Stoned Elephant in which they enter a deadly game of Chutes and Snakes.

Then in the second tale we journey back into Mr. Pelinger's House with the Foster Siblings. Once inside they participate as contestants in a game show with Theodore Roosevelt and Queen Victoria as the celebrity guests. A game show which asks the eternal question, which country is truly better; England or America. Through a bunch of sight gags this gameshow is played out to hilarious effect.

The last story is about a boy who grew up in the shadow of the largest tree in the world at the top of the temple on top of the largest mountain in the world. Read about his journey to climb the fabled Tree of Life as it spans through the galaxy. Travel up this tree with him to see all its wonders!

Here is a free preview to see some of the wonderfully illustrated pages within.

Teddy Roosevelt next to a bear with a lampoon of great American National Parks behind them with giant Schlitz ad on Devil's Tower.

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