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Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

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Max Teller's Amazing Adventure

Fiction/ Children's Lit/ YA

Paperback: $14.95

eBook: Download a copy onto your device today! Only $5.




Every child dreams about flying, but when have we ever gotten the chance to do so... Max did though. Max Teller is a precocious boy who was left in a precarious predicament one fine afternoon. Can you even imagine what soup this child got himself into? Alas not, then I will tell you.  

Have you not desired that one day you could be brave enough to fly? Of course you have, we all have been children. Some people like myself in an advanced age remain one to this day. My envy for Mr. Teller can not be rivaled, for he indeed flew! Oh he did not start off so brave, nor was it a journey he asked for, but one that called him! 
  Read our tale today and find out what happens to Max!

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Blog: Max Teller's Amazing Adventure and the world of flying. Fliers, planes, jets, and rocket ship!

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