The All Important $5 Sales

Bubble Gum or Literature at the Cash Register?


Our Point of Purchase displays of books are great for the whim purchases made while customers are waiting on line. They become that last item added onto their bill. New and classic eTitles that are great for today's customers who are on the run; either they need something to read for their commute or while traveling by train, plane, or automobile! Or at this time, forced to stay home...

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Easy as 1,  2,  3!
Customers Flip, Scan, Read!

Many modern smartphones just need to take a picture of the QR code on the back to be taken to the website in which they download the eBook to their device. Once it downloads it is instantly installed into their Kindle library. Older devices just need to download one of several free QR scanners. Also for those customers using Google Photos they just need to hit the Google Lens button to be taken to the download page.

No Longer do You Need to Take Up Vital Floor Space to Sell Books!

Our racks sit on your counter with a triangle support back or hang on a post or wall by your register. They come in two different sizes with the potential of customizing them to fit your shop's needs.  They have three different color backgrounds for you to choose from. Each shelf holds two sets of 25 cards. Flip & Scan eBook cards sell for $5 and wholesale for $2.50. We offer the rack for free with your first order.

Make your first order today! Custom orders or order one of our starter packs.


~ Expanding the Reach of Literature ~

We are providing new ways for independent bookstores to stock more titles without high overhead costs while removing their floor space requirements to do so and expand their future sales by opening up book sales to other markets. By bringing book sales into the gift shop, coffee/tea shops, smoke shop, record store, and convenience store we tap into other markets to build a new desire for reading. These new markets will act as tributaries feeding into bookstores looking for a larger selection and at the same time will remain viable for the mere convenience of one-stop shopping.  

Imagine if Coca-Cola just remained within the drugstore? Why should books follow that marketing strategy? Books need to expand into other markets like bubble gum and Coca-Cola! But, this time we will not lose the Soda Fountain along the way...

Make your first order today! Custom orders or order one of our starter packs.


We Help you with your Social Media Ad Campaigns to Sell more Flip & Scan eBook Cards!

We will custom ads to your shop! We will also offer cross-promotion opportunities with other vendors of Flip & Scan eBook Cards to increase the SEO of your online ventures.

Our Catalog

We have new books from our authors covering fiction, non-fiction, history, sci-fi, YA, graphic novels, poetry, and more! Plus we have an ever expanding collection of classics with their original illustrations! If you do not see a classic you would like to sell, just give us two weeks and we will have it ready.

We are able to pull any title from the public domain and give them a try due to low production costs and the advantages inherent in digital titles. There are many bestsellers that have been forgotten because they did not go on your summer reading lists as children, so here at Salem House Press, we give them new life. Plus we are creating a new line of books that the Golden Age of Hollywood was based on called Brown Derby Books. The books behind the movies like Arsenic and Old Lace, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Wizard of OZ, and Call of the Wild that are as classic as the Brown Deby!

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