Rev. Barbara Szafranski
The Salem Love Psychic

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Burnt Toast and Oranges: The Miss Adventures of the Salem Love Psychic

Non-Fiction/ Biography/ Spirituality

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In this narrative Barbara chronicles her journey to herself through trials and tribulations that any healer or shaman must face. She provides verification and clarification through the book for those who might find themselves on a similar spiritual quest. She leads through example as she goes over the magical events of her life which she had to be brave enough to believe they did in fact happen and she was not making them up. The book provides confirmation for future healers nd paves a path to follow.

Rev. Barbara Szafranski She is the Salem Love Psychic esteemed throughout the nation for her healing abilities. She has been a guiding light in Metaphysical world for over 30 years now. This is the first of many books she will be writing to help everyone. one their own journey to bliss.



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