Arkham: Tales form the Flipside is released upon the coming of the four seasons. Tales of the old masters mixed with the new presenting illustrated tales of fantasy, murder, mayhem, sicence fiction, and great wonderment!

Arkham has a new book from a series within our quarterly. Murder on the Common is the latest in The Sinclair Narratives; tales of everyone's favorite immortal who sailed to Salem a 100 years before Columbus in search of Vinland with his 3rd generation Viking crew. In this tale he is thrown into the center of the nineteenth century's most infamous murder admist intrigues by Mormons, Illuminati, Vampires, historic personages, and the power elite who shaped our nation.

Follow this weekly serial till the books release on the 290th anniversary of Captain Joseph White's death; the murder that influenced the Parker Brother's game Clue.

Look for new Installments every Tuesday!

Come back in the Spring for another issue of Arkham: Tales from the Flipside.

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