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The Next Generation in Publishing


Imagine if Coca-Cola just remained within the drugstore? Why should books follow that marketing strategy? Books need to expand into other markets like bubble gum and Coca-Cola! But, this time we will not lose the Soda Fountain along the way...

We are providing new ways for independent bookstores to stock more titles without high overhead costs while removing their floor space requirements to do so and expand their future sales by opening up book sales to other markets. By bringing book sales into the gift shop, coffee/tea shops, smoke shop, record store, and convenience store we tap into other markets to build a new desire for reading....These new markets will act as tributaries feeding into bookstores looking for a larger selection and at the same time will remain viable for the mere convenience of one-stop shopping.

Placed as a point of purchase item near the counter to create spur of the moment sales at a reasonable price of $5 literature can compete with a few packs of gum or a few candy bars. They can be sold in a news stand for commuters, in tourist boutiques for travelers to read in their hotels, parred with a good cigar or wine on a summer evening, allow bookstores to take a chance on new authors cheap, in a toystore for the next bedtime story, in museums to compliment exhibits, inform guests at our National Parks, and more!

We distribute our own authors (we are always looking for new ones= $1.25 for authors and $1.25 for us) plus any other authors from other publishing houses ($1.25 for authors, $.75 for Publisher, $.75 for us).

We will be traveling in the Summer of 2022 looking for new stores, authors,ane publishers. If you're interested please email us at with Flip & Scan in the subject line.

For more info on our racks and wholesale Flip & Scan eBook Cards including available titles click here!

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Easy as 1,  2,  3!
Customers Flip, Scan, Read!

Check out the latest installment of The Sinclair Narratives and see what everyone's favorite immortal, Henry Sinclair, is up to now. Stories filled with fictional and historic characters from the past like fiction's first dectective, Dupin, to figures like Teddy Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and Tesla! Tales filled with figures who shaped our country from behind the scenes. Instalments filled with the occult, ghosts, vampires, and Lovecraftian monsters.

If you liked the comic League of Extrodinary Gentlemen or the Highlander Series mixed with a touch of Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlow, you will love Henry and his reincarnated third generation Viking crew within the pages of The Sinclair Narratives. Available online and in print.

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New Book Releases

Fiction, Nonfiction, Classic Literature, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Books

Trolls: A Compendium

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Teddy Roosevelt in a National Park


Fiction/ Illustrated Fantasy/ Mythology / Scandinavian Myth/ Norse Sagas / Scandinavian Folk Lore / Coffee Table Book

Following the Harry N. Abrams, Inc. tradition of the series that created Brian Froud's and Alan Lee's Faeries and Gnomes by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet, we present you with what would have been the next book in the series: Trolls: A Compendium. Trolls—do you think you know what they are? Could you be wrong? (Read More...)

Paperback: $45.00

Hardcover: $65.00

PDF (non-flowable, best on tablet, desktop, or laptop) eBook: Download a copy onto your device today! Only $5.00


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Tales from Mr. Pelinger's House

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Teddy Roosevelt in a National Park


Fiction / Illustrated

The latest tales from Mr. Pelinger's House. The house that unfolds to let a universe of oddities in. A home larger inside than out with its own wormhole. Two stories for the price of one! (Read More...)

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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

by Jules Verene

Fiction/ Literature / Action/ Sci-Fi

The classic adventure that follows a French professor and his servant who are called to America to investigate a seamonster who has been sinking ships. Once aboard ship they meet the harpooner who is (Read More...)

Arkham: Tales from the Flipside
Fall 2021

Arkham Tales from the Flipside cover Summer 2020

Historic Fiction / Fantasy / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Illustrated

This installment of the quarterly showcases new and old masters. Stories from The Sinclair Narratives, Robert Bloch, Robert Sheckley, Lisa Deschenes, and Evelyn E. Smith. (Read More...)

Fall image

Murder on the Common

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Historic Fiction / Fantasy / Illustrated

The first novel in the The Sinclair Narratives. Join Prince Henry Sinclair, everyone's favorite immortal as he solves the real mystery the game "Clue" was based on as he fights vampires and Lovecraftian monsters. (Read More...)

Sub Rosa

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Nonfiction / History

How did the Witch City Shape American History before it was the Halloween capitol? From our national banks to our Constitution Salem has shaped more of tthe foundation of our country move than any other city. (Read More...)

Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City 4th Edition

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Salem Secret Underground_The History of the Tunnels in the City Book Cover

Nonfiction / History

The real life story of how 159 people including senators, a superior court justice, secretaries of state, the countries first millionaires, a secretary of the Navy, directors in our national banks, (Read More...)



Universal Man

by Richard A. Aliberti

Non-Fiction / Biography/ Art

Of all the old masters, Leonardo of Vinci is likely one of the most fascinating and enigmatic figures of all time here he is presented from a perspective unlike any others: from an active and practicing present-day (Read More...)

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Burnt Toast and Oranges

by Rev. Barbara Szafranski

Burnt Toast and Oranges cover

Non-Fiction / Biography/ Spirtuality

In this narrative Barbara chronicles her journey to herself through trials and tribulations that any healer or shaman must face. She provides verification and clarification through the book for those who might (ReadMore...)


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