Trolls: A Compendium by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin
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Trolls: A Compendium

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin


Christopher Jonathan Hulton

Fiction/ Illustrated Fantasy/ Mythology / Scandinavian Myth/ Norse Sagas / Scandinavian Folk Lore / Coffee Table Book

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Following the Harry N. Abrams, Inc. tradition of the series that created Brian Froud's and Alan Lee's Faeries and Gnomes by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet, we present you with what would have been the next book in the series: Trolls: A Compendium. Trolls—do you think you know what they are? Could you be wrong?

Trolls within Scandinavian lore, myth, saga, fantasy, and folktales are actually anything magical within our northern neighbor's culture. Richly illustrated in this volume are the tales of faeries, dwarves, nissen, huldras, gods, Jotuns, draugar, ghosts, and more. Also, this book introduces our readers to the world of Trollheim, populated by Nattrolls that escaped the 17th-century Swedish colony within the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Narrated by Christopher Jonathan Hulton, who lives in the Thousand Acre Woods just after the Civil War, their tales are filled with Native American lore and tales of their neighbor, the Jersey Devil.

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By Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

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Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin is usually called, Chris. He lives in Salem. In fact if you ever ventured into Salem you probably have seen him wearing a 12 foot long scarf walking through town drinking a quart of milk and eating a dark Cadbury bar. If you want to help support his habit, he always is willing to accept a Cadbury bar and some milk from you. Sometimes he answers to "Viking Chris", "The Norseman", and even "Fritter" by one large Indian. At one local music festival it was said that if you have been in Salem for 15 minutes and have not met Chris something is wrong. So if you ever see him in Salem or traveling about, stop and say hi... He might just draw you a picture in your book. Click here for the latest news from Chris.

Winner of 3 Mass. Cultural Grants for his Salem Trilogy. He has written 12 books. Illustrated 10. Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City is his first foray into non-fiction which was followed by the hit Sub Rosa.

Oh yeah, he still is looking for investors to build his event center on 200 acres in Manchester-by-the-Sea. Vingolf will have a highway exit off 128 thirty minutes from Boston. Vingolf is a premiere wedding destination, 5 star accommodation, conference center, and music showcase. For the gallery of Chris Dowgin's illustrations click here!




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