Abbey road 40th anniversary Salem Shoot

Abbey Road in Salem, Ma

Salem, Ma Local Flavors

Abbey Road 40 th Anniversary Salem Photo Shoot Picture with Radio Scotvoid Productions walking through the crosswalk.

Here we have Richard 'The Hammer' Flynn (famous artist of the Traveling Notebooks) pulling the leg of Chris Dowgin (A Walk Through Salem Creator) through the crosswalk as Elise (of the Experimental Art Gallery) pulls his hair the other direction hoping to make a wish as Chris Corkum (Animator of The Silver Dancer) walks like an Egyptian.

Abbey Road Photo Shoot with Will Pirone and others walking in a crosswalk in Salem, Ma

Here we have Will Pirone (the Harmonica player for Sweet Pie) leading the group as Susan Barnes (Mass Art Teacher and Custom Book Maker) kicks it up and Terry Brenner (Music Producer) seems lost as Richard Flynn (Sharpie Master and President of Snack Club) offers to help him out.

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