Abbey road 40th anniversary Salem Shoot

Abbey Road in Salem, Ma

Abbey Road History

The Beatles wait around while Photographer prepares fro the Abbey Road Photo Session.

Abbey Road was originally photographed by Ian Macmillan on August 8th 1969. Macmillan was given only ten minutes around 11:30 that morning to take the photo on a zebra crossing on Abbey Road. He took 15 shots while the Beatles waited around for the crosswalk to be cleared. Then Ian photographed six shots of the fab four crossing through the zebra stripes on Abbey Road at 11.35 a.m. from a stepladder while a cop stopped traffic. The Beatles just walked out of the recording studio and into the crosswalk. Later the studio where they did most of their recordings was named Abbey Road.

You can watch the famous cross walk on Abbey Road via a webcam.

Paul Mcartney is Dead?

There is alot of rumours that Paul Mcartney Died in a car crash. Many lyrics in the Beatles songs allude to this. In the photograph of the Abbey Road album cover, some people see many clues attesting that Paul is dead. The VW Beatle's license plate is registered as 28if which would be Paul's age if he was still alive at the time of the photo shoot. In the picture John, dressed in pure white symbolises the preacher, Ringo is dressed in full black as the mourner, George is in scruffy denim jeans and shirt as the gravedigger, and Paul is dressed in a shabby, out-dated suit and barefoot as the corpse. Also Paul is stepping out of step with a cigarette in his hand which is called by some a coffin nail. Also the black car to the right is suppose to be a car from the morgue? The VW Beatle is now in the Volkswagen Museum in Germany.

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