Abbey road 40th anniversary Salem Shoot

Abbey Road in Salem, Ma


Witch City Pinups Sweet Melisa Riding the Broom in front of a Moon Painted by Chris Dowgin the Creator of A Walk Through Salem Children's Story and Walking tour in Salem, Ma

Michael Naimo

Follow this link to see the complete photo shoot of our first day of the Abbey Road 40th Anniversary Salem Photo Shoot. August 31.


Scott Lanes has been Commissioned by Easy Rider and Peter Fonda to print this original Movie Still depicting Peter Fonda on a Chopper motorcycle during the filming of Easy Rider for the 40th Anniversary of the film

Scott F. Lanes

Scott F. Lanes was also shooting on August 31. Where Michael was on the ladder, Scott was on the ground getting the long shots from the other side. In many of Michael Naimo's photos you can see Scott Lanes snapping along. You can see his images from the day by clicking here. Also you can see his gallery from the shoot with the Cry Innocent cast and the Salem Night Tours by then clicking here. Also check out his Official Easy Rider 40th Anniversary T-shirt line.

Tom Uellner

Tom Uellner is the official Photographer for the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival. His drive is to focus intense moments of artistic delivery during many of the North Shores live performances. He is a wonderful friend and asset for the Abbey Road 40th Anniversary Salem Photo Shoot.

Norge Forge Illumination Studios

Visit the galleries at Norge Forge to see book jacket designs, posters, and illustrations, ready for print or web promotions.

A Walk Through Salem

To see the latest Illustrations from the Children's Story and Walking Tour, Click Here. See tall ships drop anchor on New Derby Street, flying fish, churches turned into rocket ships, and Vikings storming Dead Horse Beach. Friend us onFacebook under The Salem Trilogy. A Walk Through Salem was a 2009-210 grant winner from the Mass Cultural Commission.


Matt Maguire

Matt Maguire is a good friend and preeminent illustrator that takes pride in that monticule. His work can be seen in Marvel Comics, Top Cow, and Heavy Metal Magazine. Matt Maguire has two stories to be published in 2009 and 2010 in Heavy Metal. They will be his fifthand sixth installment with Heavy Metal Magazine. He is famous for tearing up hotel rooms with Simon Bisley and loved by his two sons. He is currently tattooing at his shop in Gloucester Ma called the Compass Rose. Book an appointment with him today.

Abbey Road Photo Session

In August of 1969 Ian Macmillan took 21 photographs in 11 minutes that became famous as the Abbey Road Photo Session. Six photographs were narrowed down to choose from of the fab four walking through the crosswalk on Abbey Road as they left the recording studio which was to be named later after the street.

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