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Interactive Games and Animated Versions of the Books


A Walk Above Salem:

Enjoy the animated version of the third book in the Salem Trilogy. A tale in which you soar with Mr. Zac in the Caddy Balloon, a pumpkin shaped hot air balloon, through the skies above a war between the boys and girls. The weapons of choice? Pea shooters and Nerf guns! Enjoy this animated version of the battle of the sexes.

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Tyler Moves to Gibsonton Florida:

Tyler's parents have moved him once again. Into a very strange town this time! Clowns, dancing elephants, rhinos, and contortionists walk through his neighborhood. Will Tyler ever feel comfortable in his new town and make somme friends? Enjoy this free preview of the animated version of Tyler Moves to Gibsonton Florida.

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The Salem Trilogy



Visit the fun world of the magical and whimsical! This is the home of Mr. Zac and all the truly great characters from the Salem Trilogy. Play our games and watch live web cams from Salem.

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