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Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin / Matthew Fraser / Will Pirone / Peter Senn / mi keaton / Charles Henry Webber / Dante / Cory O'Neil / Jerry Oconnor-Bottari / Gerald Dowgin

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Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin


Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City

Salem Secret Underground cover In 1801 the son of America's first millionaire, Elias Hasket Derby Jr.,  enlisted 144 subscribers into the Salem Common Improvement Fund who sponsored the erection of a series of smuggling tunnels designed so they could avoid Thomas Jefferson's new custom duties. These subscribers included a Secretary of the Navy, a Superior Court Justice, pirates, and congressmen. Three presidents had walked through them. They were built by Masons and the country's first National Guard unit.

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Salem Trilogy

A Walk Through Salem

A walk Through Salem CoverThere is a magical tree in Salem Massachusetts. A magical tree with a zipper. Every evening at dusk you are welcomed to venture through the unzipping tree to see the magical whimsical side of Salem where fish fly, tall ships drop anchor on the street, and Vikings storm Dead Horse Beach. Our tour guide Mr. Zac will lead you with book in hand to see the history and fantasy that is Salem. You will meet H.P. Lovecraft, Blackbeard, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. You will see the ancient coast lines, Bridget Bishop's orchard, the birth of the game Monopoly, and the home of America's first millionaire. Meet the witches and wizards of Salem. Be frightened by werewolves, vampires, and ghouls. While you are in Salem follow the storyline to see the sites and meet the local characters in our tale. For this is not only a book but also a walking tour. This is your guide book to Salem

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A Walk Under Salem

Goblin Banker from A walk Under SalemYou are the star once more helping Mr. Zac find the Golden Egg that was stolen by King Derby from the Boy Emperor of China before an international war starts. You will travel through the real Mason tunnels that lead through Salem. Where you will meet famous people from Salem trapped in time. Learn about the secret historical trip of Templars and Vikings to these shores. Discover what magical items the Salem East India Marine Society smuggled into town through the ages. Follow a real map of where all of the tunnels are in town and learn about those who made them. This is the second book of the Salem, Ma trilogy. You will encounter some Odd Fellows, a lost President Monroe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, flying monkeys, wizards,some senators, pirates, a lobsterman, and a whole lot of tax evasion. As you read the story you can follow along with your Droid phone as GPS coordinates trigger an audio as you walk through town with your book in hand as you follow the real course of the secret tunnels in Salem. A truly interactive book which gets you into the story, for real!

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A Walk Above Salem

A walk Above Salem illustrationIn this tale the third book in the Salem Trilogy you will journey into the skies in a Caddy Balloon alongside millions of other readers who think they are safely tucked away in their homes. In fact they will be riding within their own Caddy Balloons next to yours. Once you open the pages of this book you have entered the magical whimsical side of Salem. We have employed a vast network of gremlins to paint what you think is the real world around you to keep you comfortable if you should ever look up from the pages. In fact you might catch them smiling at you if your quick enough to see them before they hide behind the book's cover once more. So open the front cover and enter this tale about the war between the Salem Boys Fraternity and the Mack Industrial School for Girls. A battle raged from the rooftops using pea shooters and Nerf guns. With each eBook purchase comes a free animated version you can watch on your laptop!

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Mr. Pelinger's House & Intergalactic Roadshow

Bumble Bear from Mr. Pelinger's House & Intergalactic Roadshow



The day has finally arrived. The doors are finally opened to Mr. Pelinger's House. Thought to be abandoned years ago, two siblings wander into the house to find a world that defies the imagination. What do you get when you mix Willie Wonka with the Cat in the Hat on lettuce and rye, Mr Pelinger's House & Intergalactic Roadshow.

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Max Teller's Amazing Adventure

Balloon Seller from Max Teller's Amazing Adventure


Every child dreams about flying, but when have we ever gotten the chance to do so... Max did though. Max Teller is a precocious boy who was left in a precarious predicament one fine afternoon. Can you even imagine what soup this child got himself into? Alas not, then I will tell you.

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Gang Stories

Guff and Rat from Gang Stories by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin


A delightful tale about the adventures of four stuffed animals during the night. Ever wonder what those lovely critters were up to while you were sleeping? Well this in depth expose follows their antics and captures for the first time what they are really up to while you were dreaming. 4 visual stories for those children who can not read yet that allows them the opportunity to improvise their own dialogue each time they read it. Guaranteed to provide a lifetime of new stories the child in everyone!!

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Tyler Moves to Gibsonton Florida

Tyler's family has moved him once more. This time they have moved him to a very strange place where he learns there is a fine line in between strange and wonderful. What would you think if you saw an elephant and a rhino walk down your street? This is the first in a series of Tyler's adventure's throughout America. Check out his blog to find out where he is this week... Also this title has a cool animated version with music you can watch on your laptop!

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Silly Walk Parade from Tyler Moves to Gibsonton Florida

Matthew Fraser Salem House Press Author

Ideas for America

Idea for America by Matthew Fraser cover 


The Guidebook to restoring peace and quality of life in our time of need. Themes include Education, building local economies, securing Social Security, tactics to assist the poor and struggling, winning the green revolution on college campuses and building health for young and old. All of the diverse themes are fully integrated and reinforced by each other, forming a complete blueprint to how to restore quality of life to a suffering people.

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Salem Time Bank:


Will Pirone

Will Pirone

Will Pirone Poems and Songs Cover


My favorite spot is a seat by a window. If it is a barstool and th street is active, so much the better. Behind the counter in a store looking through an open door works just as well. So does a bedroom overlooking a park. A bus or plane window will also do, as long as the seat or scene is moving. They are all metaphors for a curious, restless mind. I started writing poetry as a boy after discovering my father's high school text of One Hundred Narrative Poems. In my early teens an older cousin sent me a copy of The Beat Generation and the Angry Young Men. That same year I stumbled on a facing page bilingual edition of Baudelaire which I thought would help my French studies. These random events pointed the way to a whole new world. I have been gone ever since. Open up to any page, and have a look.

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Gerald Dowgin

Yes Sana Cover published by Norge Forge Press


Did you ever imagine that the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus could be cornerstones to civilization. If a child can not believe in them when they are younger, how are they to believe in other larger intangible concepts as judgement, mercy, faith, and love? Follow this tale as Rudolph travels to a little girl's window to help keep her faith in Santa Claus.

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